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Grand Map Content - Academic Information

Now that it has been shown how to assemble a grand map, we can now discuss what pages of information should be contained within.

In our thought experiment every sheet of paper was systematically marked such that every possible visibly discernible unique discrete pattern could be generated*.   The next step was to systematically assemble each unique sheet (or "page," if you will) into one giant map called a grand map.   We further supposed that every geometric markings can be interpreted as geometric symbols which may or may not readily convey information.

Since all academic subjects essentially make use of the page as informational conveyance, it can be easily concluded that every page of every textbook that exists, has existed, and may exist at some time in the future (if as formatted with pages), will be contained, somewhere, within the grand map.

(*) Again, our markings are with a finite sized pen tip and the location of the pen tip on the paper is confined to discrete locations on the paper thereby producing discrete and countable patterns.

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